When to be In the Stock Market and When to be Out

March 2020

Real-money Case Study on How to Decide When to be In the Stock Market and When to be Out

This recorded webinar discusses a rules-based investment strategy and process, used by self-directed investors in the stock market, that handsomely outperformed the market and investing professionals during 2019 and Q1 2020. While taking similar risk to a typical Balanced Fund.

It transparently provides all the critical information, including broker trade reports, on how this real-money, large-cap ASX stocks portfolio outperformed the ASX200 Accumulation by more than double in calendar year 2019 (and top Balanced funds by triple), with just 15 minutes a week of effort and not using any leverage, whilst ensuring that no idle cash sat on the sidelines in a strongly rising market in 2019.

It then discusses how the portfolio was unemotionally and routinely protected when the sharp COVID-19 Crash started in February 2020, by systematically cashing in profits according to the investment strategy’s objective process to be 90% in cash by  3 March when the ASX200 was down only 10.2%.

Presented by: Gary Stone, Founder of Share Wealth Systems

Duration: 38 minutes

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