How you can Know Thyself through OpenInvest's quizzes

How investors invest, like all human behaviour, is complex. But just because behaviour is complex, doesn’t mean that it’s entirely intractable, unpredictable, or unmanageable.

The OpenInvest Know Thyself quizzes are based on research into human decision making by neurologists, psychologists, and behavioural finance specialists.

They’ve been created for OpenInvest by Simon Russell* with the aim of offering guidance and feedback on behavioural issues and strategies based on your personal circumstances.

Because they’re tailored, the Know Thyself quizzes are intended to allow you to answer this question: What specific behavioural strategies can help me improve my investment outcomes given my specific circumstances?


Get started by taking the first Know Thyself quiz, ‘Getting to know you’, here.

*Simon Russell is the founder of Behavioural Finance Australia, providing specialist behavioural finance training and consulting to fund managers, major super funds, and other financial services professionals. He holds bachelor’s degrees in psychology and finance and has worked as an analyst for Goldman Sachs, a corporate finance executive and within the wealth division of NAB.

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