Peter Eastman BCom, MFinPlan, CTA, SMSF Specialist AdvisorTM

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Company Redwood Wealth Alliance Pty Ltd
Title Director
Profession Financial Planner
Address 1 1 EAST FREMANTLE WA 6158
Email [email protected]
Phone 08 9380 2000


“The idea that we can always do things better is important. It keeps things interesting and challenging and ensures we remain focused on how we can add unmatchable value for our clients and improve the ways in which we service them.”

Peter joined Redwood in 2005 and is an experienced and highly qualified Client Advisor.

Peter deals almost exclusively with high-net-worth individuals (business owners, medical practitioners and executives) and believes the company’s unique collaborative, transparent and entirely independent approach to all its strategic and servicing matters, is the foundation of Redwood’s success.

“The strong team culture has always been in place and is what makes doing our job so enjoyable and rewarding. It’s also the basis upon which all our clients’ long-term successes are built”.

Peter is ever-mindful of the fact that the industry is constantly evolving and the need to keep pace with change is critical.