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The income threshold for eligibility for a Senior’s Health Card has just been significantly increased in gift to many self-funded retirees.


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Dive into Issue 39 of the SMSF Connect Investment Series written by Contributor, Ian Irvine


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Do you have $200,000+ in your super fund?

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Understanding self-managed super fund performance | Research

How do SMSF returns compare to other superannuation options?

Exploring the relationship between fund size and investment performance of self-managed super funds (SMSFs) and APRA-regulated funds, the University of Adelaide research ‘Understanding self-managed super fund performance’, uncovered 5 key findings.

One of the key findings from the research indicates that an SMSF with a balance of $200,000, paired with a diversified asset allocation, will see an increase in investment performance compared to much larger funds.

Download the Fact Sheet to discover the 5 key research findings, and understand how fund size and diversification can impact SMSF investment performance.


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