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What does it really cost to manage your own super?

November 2019 Working out how much your SMSF should cost to manage is never an easy thing to do. Given the nature of SMSFs and the varying differences between trustees, finding easily accessible and relevant comparisons is difficult. The SMSF Association however has received information from the two largest online SMSF software companies which may

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Is it time to review your fund’s investment strategy?

October 2019 You may be aware that the Australian Tax Office (ATO) has issued letters to nearly 18,000 SMSF trustees as part of a campaign to ensure trustees are aware of their investment obligations. Of key concern is ensuring that trustees have considered diversification and liquidity of their assets when formulating and executing their fund’s

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Bricks and mortar and your SMSF

September 2019 Directly held property makes up approximately 15% of all SMSF assets, indicating that it is considered an important and significant part of a diversified portfolio. Investing in direct property is an investment that SMSF trustees are likely to consider at some stage. It may be the motivation to set up an SMSF initially

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3 common SMSF mistakes and how to avoid them

August 2019 Managing an SMSF can be difficult. However, with the right skillset, effective organisation and specialist advice, SMSFs can be a great vehicle to fund your retirement. Each year the Australian Tax Office (ATO) releases the most common mistakes that SMSF trustees make when administrating their SMSF. Unfortunately, these mistakes continually revolve around an

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Your new financial year SMSF health check

July 2019 With a new financial year beginning, it is a perfect time to review your SMSF and give it a clean bill of health for the upcoming 12 months. The following list provides a series of considerations that you and your SMSF Specialist Adviser should review. 1. Take stock of your SMSF investment return

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Your insurance cover may be changing

June 2019 In February this year, the Government passed legislation which prevents trustees of APRA-regulated funds from providing insurance to members with inactive superannuation accounts, unless a member has specifically directed otherwise. It is a common practice for many individuals with an SMSF to also have a secondary APRA-regulated fund which provides them with insurance.

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What do the 2019-20 Federal Budget outcomes mean for your SMSF?

Government delivers surplus election friendly 2019-20 Federal Budget – Leaves superannuation largely untouched April 2019 A surplus election budget is the news coming out of the 2019-20 Federal Budget. With superannuation left largely untouched, the Government focused on further personal income tax cuts. However, three key announcements include providing more flexibility for individuals to contribute

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