Latest SMSF Research Reports

In October 2023, the SMSF Association engaged the University of Adelaide to examine the Australian Government’s proposal to reduce tax concessions available to individual’s who are SMSF members.

The SMSF Association has engaged Rice Warner and The University of Adelaide to explore the size at which a self managed super fund (SMSF) becomes a viable option for an individual in terms of cost effectiveness and investment performance, and the ongoing performance comparison between SMSFs and APRA funds.

This research venture has established a new threshold at with SMSFs become competitive with Retail & Industry funds, showing that for suitable individuals, an SMSF can be a viable option for those with lower superannuation balances than previously thought.

It also shows SMSFs performing on par with, or better than, APRA funds in some financial years. 

Although SMSFs are not for everyone, this research is good news for individuals wanting more control over how their super savings are managed and invested. 

For individuals who have the time and expertise to manage their own super fund, this research suggests SMSFs with balances of $200,000 or more are cost effective and can achieve comparable returns with much larger funds.