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If you have a self managed super fund or are thinking of setting one up, SMSF Connect aims to empower you to self-educate and take greater control over your destiny in achieving a dignified retirement. 

We understand that education leads to greater knowledge and the ability to make more informed decisions. Take charge of your future with SMSF Connect, your comprehensive education resource for your SMSF.

SMSF Connect includes up to date information on the latest SMSF and superannuation news, education resources, checklists, information sheets, events, webinars, videos and more. 

About the SMSF Association

The SMSF Association is the independent body representing Australia’s self-managed super fund sector. With over 1.1 million Australians now self-managing their super, the SMSF Association’s vision is to enable Australians to take greater control of their own destiny through a sustainable SMSF community.

We believe that a healthy SMSF sector contributes strongly to long term capital and national prosperity. We are here to improve the quality of advisors, the knowledge of trustees and the credibility and health of a vibrant SMSF community.

Sitting behind our name is a strong and clear set of beliefs.

  1. We believe that every Australian has the right to a good quality of life in retirement.
  2. We believe that every Australian has the right to control their own destiny.
  3. We believe that how well we live in retirement is a function of how well we have managed our super and who has advised us.
  4. We believe that better outcomes arise when professional advisors and trustees are armed with the best and latest information, especially in the growing and sometimes complex world of self-managed super funds.
  5. We believe that insisting on tight controls, accrediting and educating advisors, and providing accurate and appropriate information to trustees is the best way to ensure that self-managed super funds continue to provide their promised benefits.
  6. We believe that a healthy SMSF sector contributes strongly to long term capital and national prosperity.
  7. We are here to improve the quality of advisors, the knowledge of trustees and the credibility and health of a vibrant SMSF community.

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Our team - Key Association representatives

John Maroney


John Maroney was appointed as the CEO of the SMSF Association in May 2017 and is thrilled to have the opportunity to boost the Association’s reputation as the peak body in the SMSF Sector and its representation of more than one million SMSF trustees. John has developed strong connections with the SMSF sector’s regulators, ATO, ASIC & FASEA, provided substantial input into official inquiries, Productivity Commission, Franking Credits & Royal Commission, and represented the sector extensively to the Government and media.

John’s experience includes extensive senior management, Board and consulting roles in superannuation, insurance, Australian and international financial regulation, actuarial and risk management plus managing professional and industry associations. He has been employed by large and small employers and consultants, within the private and public sectors, within Australia and internationally and he also was self-employed for several years while he developed a successful consulting firm. Key roles include CEO of the Actuaries Institute, Australian Government Actuary and Head of Capital and Solvency at the International Association of Insurance Supervisors, which is hosted by the Bank for International Settlements in Basel, Switzerland.

Peter Burgess

Deputy CEO / Director of Policy & Education

Peter Burgess is the SMSF Association’s Deputy CEO / Director of Policy & Education. Peter is a previous Association Board member and worked at the Association as Technical Director for three years prior to joining the SMSF administrator SuperConcepts in 2013 as General Manager, Technical Services & Education.

With over 20 years of industry experience Peter is recognised as an authority in SMSF technical matters and Government policy design. He is a widely published author and media commentator on SMSFs and is regularly sought for comment on the latest technical and policy sector developments. He is passionate about SMSFs and the role they can play in providing a dignified retirement, in the right circumstances, for those who seek greater engagement and control over their retirement savings. Through his contribution to the development of SMSF education standards, his Government advocacy work and his commitment to professionalism and thought leadership, Peter has dedicated much of his career to improving SMSF advice competency standards and the vibrancy and credibility of the SMSF sector.

Peter holds an MBA from the University of Adelaide an Economics degree and postgraduate qualifications in finance. In 2016, in recognition of his outstanding contribution to the SMSF sector, Peter was awarded the SMSF Association’s Chairman’s Award. In June 2021, Peter achieved Fellow Member status with the SMSF Association, recognising his significant commitment, leadership and contribution to both the Association and the SMSF sector.