Lifespan Calculator

Feel confident in retirement

SMSF Connect is pleased to be able to share with you the Optimum Pensions Lifespan Calculator. 

With Australians living longer, it is more important than ever to understand how long you could need your retirement income to last.

Based on the latest Life Tables from the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) and the Australian Government, the Lifespan Calculator is a tool designed to help you determine how long you might live, for a better understanding of how long your retirement income needs to last

Use the Lifespan Calculator to estimate your personal life expectancy and possible planning horizon, and have confidence in your retirement.


This is a model, not a prediction. The tool does not take into account all your circumstances and has certain limitations which may impact the results.  No calculator can predict your lifespan with certainty as this will depend on your personal circumstances as well as things outside your control such as disease, accidents and luck.

Do not rely solely on this calculator to make decisions about your retirement. It does not take into account your financial situation or your broader circumstances. Click here for the full disclaimer.

It is important you speak to an accredited SMSF Specialist to seek independent advice tailored to your personal needs, objectives and financial circumstances. To speak with an accredited SMSF Specialist in your areas, click here to Find a Specialist .