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How gold ETFs keep fees and costs low

Content provided by The Perth Mint As with all managed funds, gold ETFs incur costs and fees charged to their investors to cover the expenses of operating the product on a regulated exchange.  Unlike most other ETF products, which tend to have some cash in them as part of the portfolio of assets owned on


Bringing ESG Considerations to Australian Strategies

Content provided by S&P Dow Jones Indices This paper will demonstrate the potential improvements in environmental, social and governance (ESG) characteristics that are reflected in ESG benchmarks versus traditional market-capitalization-weighted benchmarks in a hypothetical group of Australian equities. We explore how various sustainability-focused indices might provide improved ESG characteristics, while maintaining comparable sectoral and country


International Investing Webinar – Why beaten- up sectors are an interesting playground

Content provided by Forager Funds In the May International Shares Fund webinar, Forager’s Steve Johnson, Chloe Stokes and Harvey Migotti discuss a range of topics, including: The latest developments in global share markets; Fund performance and what’s new for the portfolio; and What beaten up sectors and stocks we’ve been keeping an eye on. Content