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How to position your portfolio for stagflation

Content provided by The Perth Mint It’s hard enough to protect wealth in the current environment, let alone grow the value of your investments. The prospect of stagflation is the latest black cloud on the horizon – the challenges of which are worth familiarising yourself with. Stagflation is broadly defined as a period of high and rising

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How to invest in gold

Written by Mark Pey, Director and Co-Founder, Rush Gold Declining values for paper-based assets like shares and bonds might be making physical assets such as gold and other commodities more appealing. But if you seek to hold gold bullion, make sure you keep the regulators onside (of which more later). Recent market news has shown


Has the inflation genie escaped the bottle?

Written by Paul Miron, Managing Director, Msquared Capital For the past 40 years, inflation in the western world has not triggered any emotion…until now. Naturally, the question we must ask is: What exactly has caused the sudden panic, fear, and obsession with the subject of inflation? In central banks’ pursuit of taming inflation, we have seen