Evaluation of the proposed changes to superannuation tax concessions

Evaluation of the proposed changes to superannuation tax concessions

Published October 2023

The SMSF Association has engaged the University of Adelaide to examine the Australian Government’s proposal to reduce tax concessions available to individual’s who are SMSF members.

The research takes anonymised financial data received from BGL Corporate Solutions, Class Limited and SuperConcepts
for over 722,000 SMSF members (two thirds of all SMSF members in Australia) for both the 2020/21- and 2021/22-
income years (the most recent available SMSF data).

To model the impact of the proposed changes, it was assumed the changes to the superannuation tax concessions that apply to superannuation balances that exceed $3 million, were introduced on 1 July 2020, and applied for the 2020/21- and 2021/22-income years.

View the full report and findings below.

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