Cost of Operating SMSFs 2020: Infographic

November 2020

The cornerstone of the 2020 SMSF Week was the release of a key piece of research, conducted by Rice Warner, to update its previous findings for the Australian Securities and Investments Commission in 2013 ‘Costs of Operating SMSFs‘.

Assessing the cost-effectiveness of SMSFs compared to APRA regulated super funds, the research, examines the size at which an SMSF becomes a viable option for those considering an SMSF, or continuing to use an SMSF, for their retirement savings.

We’ve published a one-page Infographic, summarising the key findings from the research report.

Cost of Operating SMSFs 2020: Infographic

Download to get the key highlights from the research report
Disclaimer: The information provided on this infographic has been taken from the Rice Warner research report ‘Costs of Operating SMSFs 2020’. It does not take into account the personal objectives, financial situation or particular needs of any reader and should not therefore be relied upon to make financial decisions.
The cost of managing an SMSF is only one of the factors that needs to be considered when deciding whether an SMSF is right for you.