How an SMSF Association Specialist Adviser can assist you

Consider seeking advice from an SMSF Specialist Advisor for complex areas of the superannuation laws. Fees and charges may apply, as determined by the advisor. 

Complex area Why you may need assistance*


Discuss with you whether an SMSF is an appropriate
retirement savings vehicle for you

Appointment of auditor

An SMSF Specialist Auditor (SSAud®) can audit your fund

Trustee structure

Help you decide between individual or a corporate trustees

Establish a company

Help you establish a new company if you choose a corporate trustee

Member eligibility

Check the eligibility of individuals to be a member of your fund

Review whether the members of your SMSF may have a high risk of relationship breakdown

Trust deed

SMSF structure

If you have a family with children from other marriages, talking through the potential
issues that could arise and how to plan to deal with them if they arise.
This can include issues such as control of the SMSF trustee on your death.

Registering your SMSF

Registering your fund at the Australian Business Register

Liaising with the ATO if you exceed the 60 day time limit to elect to be regulated

Assessing whether or not you need to register for GST or PAYG withholding.

Australian resident superannuation fund

Members going abroad – help you take steps to ensure your fund remains complying

Other obligations

Helping you draft your investment strategy

Walking through any issues regarding an exit strategy


Help your SMSF obtain an ‘electronic service address’

Assist you to determine whether your SMSF will be subject to the SuperStream measures

SMSF Specialist Auditor (SSAud®)

Audit your SMSF. Note the auditor must be registered with ASIC.
You can check their registration on the ASIC website.

*Some points raised below require the SMSF Specialist Advisor to be suitably qualified to provide financial advice. Please check with your advisor.