Spotlight Series: Find out why precious metals are still an attractive asset class in today’s modern world


Spotlight Series: Find out why precious metals are still an attractive asset class in today’s modern world

In our first SMSF Connect Spotlight for 2022, The Perth Mint’s Jordan Eliseo (Manager – Listed Products and Investment Research), joined us for a chat on why precious metals – such as gold, continue to be an attractive asset class in today’s modern world, and provided insights on The Perth Mint’s investment solutions, which may be an option for self-directed investors.

Jordan also shares with us his thoughts on the advantages of having an allocation to the precious metals, and how these historically secure assets may provide your investment portfolio with diversity and protection.

In this Spotlight, Jordan helps us to understand: 

  • How to generate a safe and secure investment portfolio with precious metal assets.
  • Why education is key when considering precious metals as an investment option, and how to invest in the asset class.
  • The importance of understanding the position of your investment portfolio – When thinking about how your portfolio will look in 10 years time, you may need to make adjustments to both grow and protect your capital moving forward.
  • What SMSF investors should be conscious of in the coming 12 months – including the challenges that have risen in the investment space.

The benefits of gold for SMSF trustees

Precious metals such as silver and gold have been a store of wealth for many generations, emerging as a favoured asset allocation in modern day investor portfolios.

Gain insights into why precious metals demand has skyrocketed in recent times, the many benefits they can offer SMSF trustees, as well as what to look for when investing in precious metals.

Investing in government-backed Australian gold

Bought and sold like a regular share, PMGOLD is the lowest cost gold ETF available on the ASX. Designed to track the price of gold in Australian dollars, it is protected by a unique government guarantee, which enhances its safety.

Discover all the benefits associated with investing in PMGOLD, and why it is an attractive asset to consider when setting up your portfolio.

Download The Perth Mint’s fact sheet on PMGOLD to learn more about how investing in government-backed Australian gold may offer investors a simple, low cost way to access the returns on gold.

About The Perth Mint

A Global Leader in precious metals

The Perth Mint offers a comprehensive suite of investment solutions for SMSF trustees, including exchange traded products, depository solutions, a smartphone app and physical bars and coins.

This includes Perth Mint Gold (ASX:PMGOLD), which was launched in 2003 and is the lowest cost gold ETF available on the ASX.

The Perth Mint is trusted to safeguard the holdings of investors including SMSF trustees, superannuation funds, central banks, sovereign wealth funds and individuals. Currently we secure precious metal worth approximately 6 billions of dollars in our central bank grade vaults for over 70,000 clients from across the globe.

As Australia’s leading precious metals business with a 120-year history we are the world’s largest refiner of newly mined gold, processing close to 10% of annual global gold production.

The Perth Mint additionally distributes products worth in excess of AUD 25 billion annually to clients in more than 100 countries.

Government Guaranteed

Investors who choose any of our products do so with the knowledge that precious metal stored on their behalf is guaranteed by our owner, the Government of Western Australia, under the Gold Corporation Act 1987. Furthermore, we operate one of the world’s largest network of central bank grade vaults where clients’ gold, silver and platinum is securely stored.

In addition to the government guarantee on the safekeeping of precious metal, we offer with all our products:

• Entirely transparent and competitive fees.
• Easy to manage investment options.
• Secure administrative and trading procedures.
• Complete customer confidentiality.
• The option to take physical delivery of precious metals.

About Jordan Eliseo

Jordan Eliseo is a financial markets commentator and precious metals expert with 25 years industry experience.

Jordan joined The Perth Mint in 2019 and is responsible for market research, institutional mandates and distribution of The Perth Mint’s ASX listed gold product (ASX:PMGOLD).

Prior to joining The Perth Mint, Jordan worked at companies including JP Morgan and Deutsche Bank. He was also head of Investment Analytics at Cazenove Capital in London where he was responsible for building risk and attribution models for hedge funds as well as equity, fixed income and multi-asset portfolios.

Jordan also worked as the Head of Investment Analytics for AMP Capital’s Multi-Asset Group in Sydney.

Jordan’s precious metals experience dates back to 2003 with his co-founding of Argentaurus Investments, a private investment vehicle set up to invest in precious metals markets.

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