Question 5 – Has a rollover form been completed and provided?

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The form Rollover initiation request to transfer whole balance of superannuation benefits to your self-managed super fund (NAT 74662) needs to be used to transfer superannuation savings from an APRA-regulated fund to an SMSF.

This form will request a transfer of an entire superannuation balance between superannuation funds. This form cannot be used to only transfer part of a member’s superannuation benefits to an SMSF.


Attach proof of identity with the rollover form

Documentation will need to be provided with the transfer request to provide proof of a member’s identity. The completed form with the certified proof of identity will typically be sent to the APRA fund to initiate the rollover, alternatively, it could be initiated by your SMSF as the receiving fund.

The following primary and secondary identification documents may be used:


A certified copy of any ONE of the primary photographic identification:

  • driver’s licence issued under state or territory law
  • passport issued by the Commonwealth that has not expired within the past two years


Any ONE of the following non-photographic identification documents:

  • birth certificate or birth extract issued by a State or Territory of Australia
  • citizenship certificate issued by the Commonwealth
  • pension card issued by Centrelink that entitles the person to financial benefits


Any ONE of the following secondary identification documents:

  • notice issued by the Commonwealth, or State or Territory government within the past 12 months that records the provision of financial benefits and contains your name and residential address – for example, a letter from Centrelink regarding a government assistance payment
  • notice issued by the ATO within the past twelve months that contains the member’s name and residential address – for example: a notice of an ATO assessment, or a notice issued by a local government body or utilities provider within the previous three months – for example, a rates notice from local government.

Change of name

If a member has changed their name or is signing on behalf of the applicant, a certified linking document will need to be provided – a linking document is a document that proves a relationship exists between two (or more) names. Suitable documents are as follows:

  • change of name – Marriage certificate, deed poll or change of name certificate from the Births, Deaths and Marriages Registration Office; and
  • signed on behalf of the applicant – Guardianship papers or Power of Attorney.

WARNING – Documents to be certified

If your SMSF receives the rollover initiation request, you need to ensure you are also provided with all copies of original proof of identification documents (including any linking documents) certified as true copies by an authorised individual – see here for authorised individuals.