Lifecycles of your SMSF

February 2017 In this session we will look at the lifecycles of your SMSF and examine the many ways the investments in your SMSF can create wealth for your retirement. Those times in your working life when you are accumulating your wealth can require different strategies to those adopted once you are in retirement. In…

Are there any special rules around allocation of proceeds to the insured?

October 2016 The final video in this series discusses the special rules and potential tax implications, if any, around the allocation of proceeds to the insured. Join the SMSF Association Head of Education and Technical, Peter Hogan, as he runs through a multitude of different scenarios.

What are the issues to be considered?

October 2016 This video acts as a checklist of issues that you should review and consider on an annual basis in terms of insurance in your SMSF.