Question 3 – Is receiving fund eliigble to receive the rollover?

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Once the member has completed the form, obtain the receiving fund details. Check the fund’s details using the Super Fund Lookup service to ensure the fund can receive the rollover.

Super Fund Lookup displays publicly available information about SMSFs, as well as funds regulated by APRA. Your SMSF cannot transfer member benefits to another superannuation fund unless the status in SuperFund Lookup is either ‘Registered – status not determined or Complying’. If the status is shown as Non-complying, the fund will be ineligible to receive transfers and rollovers.

EXAMPLE – Complying superannuation fund

Shown below is an example of a fund showing a status of ‘complying’. As the fund is eligible to accept a superannuation rollover, your SMSF can rollover all or part of a member’s  superannuation benefits to that fund.