Issue 22: Is it a buy, hold or sell…or something else?

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Issue 22: Is it a buy, hold or sell…or something else?

Many of us will be familiar with the concept of a stockbroker, fund manager or analyst making a call on a stock; as to whether an investor should sit on it, if they hold it, sell it or buy it. Sometimes these are run as sessions, such as at seminars or published in investor newsletters or videos and can be entertaining if presented in the correct context.

While these sessions and articles can be quite helpful in providing insights as to why the broker, fund manager or analyst arrived at their decision, and also the process they went through to land on that call; they should be considered just as that – an insight to the thinking, and not specific advice.

They may also be helpful in highlighting that investors need to be aware that having bought a stock, its appropriateness to their portfolio can change over time and it may become a sell. There is a saying that ‘Your stocks don’t love you, don’t fall in love with them’, which is effectively saying ‘Keep a clear head when investing’. Other sayings also include, ‘Like the prodigal, it will come back’, ‘It cannot go much lower’ and ‘I’m a conservative investor, it will be alright’ and on the other side ‘This has a lot further to go’ or ‘Its backed by strong management’.

These have been quoted at many ‘Buy’, ‘Hold’ or ‘Sell’ sessions to support the call.

But there is another saying, more native to how markets work that is worthy of consideration.

Let’s see what it could be.

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