Australian Persistence Scorecard – Can Active Funds Persistently Outperform?

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Australian Persistence Scorecard – Can Active Funds Persistently Outperform?

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While comparing active funds against their respective benchmark indices is a typical practice to evaluate their performance, persistence is an additional test that can reveal fund managers’ skills in different market environments. We measure the performance persistence of active funds that outperformed their peers and benchmarks over consecutive three- and five-year periods, and we analyze their transition matrices over subsequent periods. Overall results suggested only a minority of Australian high-performing funds persisted in outperforming their respective benchmarks or consistently stayed in their respective top quartiles for three or five consecutive years.

Measuring Performance Persistence of Australian
Active Funds

Research suggests that actively managed winning streaks are often short lived. Twice a year,
S&P Dow Jones Indices releases the Persistence Scorecard, which tracks the performance
consistency of U.S. actively managed funds over consecutive years. We have consistently
observed that relatively few U.S. active funds can stay at the top for years. In this report, we
use similar matrices to measure the persistence of Australian active funds that outperform their benchmarks and their peers over three- and five-year periods. Our study follows the fund
categories and benchmarks defined in the SPIVA® Australia Scorecard, a biannual report that
tracks the number of active Australian funds that beat their comparable benchmarks over
short- and long-term horizons.

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