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Is Private Credit the New Megatrend in Australia? (Part 2)

Written by Paul Miron, Managing Director, Msquared Capital At the beginning of 2022, I posed the following question to an audience of sophisticated self-directed investors: Is Private Credit the new megatrend in Australia? It is important to remember these were carefree times when the official cash rate was at a historic low of 0.10%, and terms…

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Inverse yield curve

Content provided by Thinktank On 14 August, the three major US sharemarket indicators went into a tailspin; the Dow Jones Industrial Average was down 3.1 per cent, the S&P 500 2.4 per cent and the Nasdaq three per cent. And the villain in all this market selling? The inverse yield curve. For Australian investors waking…

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Reflections from an investor

Content provided by Magellan Financial Group Written by Hamish Douglass, Chairman and Chief Investment Officer, Magellan Financial Group Insights gathered from years of investing include thoughts on how to find the right investments, how to let investments work for you, risk management and the best temperament to have when investing. However, as the prices of…