Spotlight Series: Discover the new Australian megatrend and 3 important things investors should do

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Spotlight Series: Discover the new Australian megatrend and 3 important things investors should do

We recently sat down with Paul Miron, Managing Director from Msquared Capital, who shared his insights on the growing megatrend in the Australian market, particularly with increased interest in non-bank lending, and how the global pandemic has solidified the need for investors to diversify their portfolios.

Paul also explained how alternative asset classes can provide an attractive yield for investors, and shared the top 3 things all investors need to consider, when assessing new opportunities.

In this Spotlight, Paul helps us: 

  • Understand how Msquared Capital can help you create an attractive yield through direct mortgage opportunities.
  • Understand the three most important factors to consider before entering an investment.
  • Understand the meaning of diversification in relation to your investments.
  • Find out why private credit lending may be the new megatrend in Australia.

Is private credit the new megatrend in Australia?

In this modern-day world, we are living through a high-tech, ever-increasing fast-paced, and ever-changing world.

SMSF trustees are undoubtedly faced with much more pressure, decisions, choices, and information than ever before.

Have you ever considered an alternative asset class for your investment?

Discover how to assess a Direct Mortgage opportunity with Msquared Capital’s Managing Director’s Paul Miron and Paul Myliotis using the 5C’s (Character, capacity, cashflow, competency, collateral).

If you would like to receive more information about the live investment opportunity mentioned in the mortgage assessment video, please submit an enquiry below.

About Msquared Capital

Msquared Capital is a non-bank lender, providing opportunities to invest in a range of quality mortgages. Msquared Capital aims to provide investors regular, fixed-income returns from a range of risk-rated investments. 

With the combined experience of the directors and leadership team of over 100 years in banking, finance, property and funds management; Msquared Capital is well placed to identify the right opportunities on behalf of our investors. 

About Paul Miron

Paul Miron, Managing Director of Msquared Capital, is respected and recognised for his economic views and ability to mitigate risks through well considered structuring. Paul is the principal theorist behind Msquared Capital‘s credit policy.

Paul has over 20+ years’ experience in banking and commercial finance. After starting his career with Colonial State Bank, Paul grew through several senior positions across a number of Australia’s Big-4 prior to starting his own financial services business in 2004. During his tenure at CBA and Westpac, Paul developed a particular expertise for development and construction Lending.

Paul has facilitated funding for many significant projects predominantly in NSW but also spanning VIC and QLD. Paul has over the years received numerous significant industry accolades and has been regularly engaged to present on the topics of lending, property, superannuation and complex structuring.

About the SMSF Connect Spotlight Series

The SMSF Connect Spotlight Series is a series of short interviews, introducing our valued Connect member to some important product and service providers in the SMSF space, gaining new insights across a variety of sectors.

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