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Spotlight Series: The differences between income and high yield trusts, and the importance of understanding different asset classes

Join Thinktank Business Development Manager – Investments, Lauren Ryan in this Spotlight interview to discover more about Thinktank’s services as a bespoke commercial and residential, non-bank lender. Plus, learn about different mortgage trust options (income and high yield trusts), and how these options may provide an opportunity for SMSF investors to create an alternate income…

NewsPropertySMSF Insights

Spotlight Series: Discover the new Australian megatrend and 3 important things investors should do

We recently sat down with Paul Miron, Managing Director from Msquared Capital, who shared his insights on the growing megatrend in the Australian market, particularly with increased interest in non-bank lending, and how the global pandemic has solidified the need for investors to diversify their portfolios. Paul also explained how alternative asset classes can provide…